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Just watched the Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary and am inspired all over again. I feel like in the past I’ve not made the best of the opportunities allotted to me. I’ve got the chance to shine like never before and I need to seize this opportunity. The economy is only going to get worst and in my opinion the world is heading to shit and fast. Fact is I can’t change the world…but I can start really buckling down and start making the proper investments toward the future I want. So that me and mine can be secured. Financially, emotionally, and mentally. I got a good thing going with this Radio Show Unsigned Hype on every Tuesday night 8pm eastern standard time. (yea I plugged my show) I’ve got the best mixtape I’ve done to date coming out May, 15th, and a bunch of innovative ideas to make sure I reach my download goals. Now I’ve gotta take that next step. Get my self on stage, get my self performing, get my self infront of people and do what I truly do best every time I’m in front of people…and that’s have fun, act a fool, and steal the damn show! Gotta stop fucking around. I am 27 years old with nothing but failure to show for. Things have gotta start happening and it all starts with me. I really lost who I was for a second. I was saying the words but I wasn’t believing them. However, when it comes to having the drive, the passion, and dedication to reaching my goals. When it comes to doing whatever it takes and making the required sacrifices to achieve my goals. I am the best in the world. Not many people have been where I’ve been, seen what I’ve seen, and been through what I’ve been through and yet still wakes up every morning with the drive to be happy and push forward. “how can someone live the life you have…been through the shit you have and not be a fucking drugged alcoholic crazy person” Someone asked me that…and I ask myself the same question everyday. The only answer I can think of is: Because I Know…that there is more to life than my short comings. That there is still things I need and have to achieve. There is still change I can make. Starts with me first though…

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