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Dreams Money Can Buy(REMAKE)/Hit The Club All Night(Snippet)

You know…

First the music industry disrespects up by delivering all the watered down techno pop rappers that we DON’T WANT. Then the gaming industry’s own Capcom disrespects fans by NOT putting Mega-Man in MVC3 not once but TWICE. They then go on to cancel every Mega-Man game that was scheduled to come out even though the PEOPLE…THE FANS want it. THEN the comic book industry’s DC Comics go on to ReBoot 52 comics some of them FAN FUCKING favorites and they slap EVERY SINGLE FLASH fan in the face by NOT making Wally West the flash, tearing the families apart, and leaving us wondering what the fuck?! Now all of this to say: “Is it just me or does this truly prove that the industry doesn’t give a fuck about us. They say they’re doing things for the fans but they’re not. WHAT FANS are they doing it for. We want REAL Hip Hop promoted in the industry. Do we get it? We want Mega-Man. Do we get it? We want Wally West. Do we get it? It sucks when making a quick buck is more important that delivering a good solid product that the MAJORITY wants. I know a lot of people might be happy with the way things are turning out in these industries. However, twice as many are not. Which side do you stand on?”

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