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I think people try too hard to make Princess and the Frog racist. They complain that the only black princess is a frog for most of movie, that her hair is up and not paid attention to like Merida’s and Rapunzel ‘s(both of which came out after and in a different style of animation….)

Get over it….

Kinda well said! Haha!


Everyone wants a spinoff, and I mean everyone. It’s simply not enough to just have a franchise; you need solo films to keep that series goin’. It’s the new “black.” Pump out a film every other year while the mothership has its core super-movie every two or three years, right? Fox hopes to do the same with the X-Men starting with a Mystique-centric flick, which makes sense ‘cause of Jennifer Lawrence. And Marvel obviously already has this plan in place: an Avengers in a year and in between are solos that feature Thor, Cap, Ant-Man, etc. This “trend” will continue ‘til the third Avengers comes out. Let’s not forget that Chris Evans is retiring as the Star Spangled Man and Robert Downey, Jr. is presumably too expensive. This means introducing new characters into the team, making them integral members for the next installments and giving THEM spinoffs. Age of Ultron will already debut Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision; they can get solos, but there are rumors of two more candidates: Black Panther and Ms. Marvel. Although the possibilities are endless, not every Avenger can have his or her own movie. For instance, fans might like to see one that’s based on Black Widow, but Marvel understands she’s a better utility player and a movie that revolves entirely on a supporting character may not work; the same goes for Hulk, who Marvel hasn’t been in a rush to go solo with.

ASSEMBLE, by Drake Tsui.

Yes. True!

Fun Fact Time

Feelings are not facts; you can change your feelings by changing your thinking. So…remember that the key to releasing yourself from your emotional prison is simply this: Your thoughts create your emotions; therefore, your emotions cannot prove that your thoughts are accurate. Unpleasant feelings merely indicate that you are thinking something negative and believing it. Your emotions follow your thought.

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