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Award-winning animator Darwyn Cooke returned to the Dark Knight, specifically Batman Beyond, the property he worked on in the late 90s, for a new WB short celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary. Cooke’s short features Terry McGinnis taking on a robotic Batman that resembles the character from The New Batman Adventures. At the end of the fight, Bruce Wayne reveals that there are seven more evil robots lookin’ for a fight, each modeled after a different incarnation: there are Batmen from Beware the BatmanThe Batman, and The Brave and the Bold, as well as versions based on Michael Keaton’s and Adam West’s portrayals, one inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and, finally, one that resembles the original version created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Watch the video here if you haven’t done so already, courtesy of DC.

BATMAN BEYOND, by John Gallagher.


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